The team have astonishing sporting, training and academic achievements that have spanned over 30 years and have taken them all around the world.

From county level sport to club, national and International level athlete to a career in the Armed forces with the Royal Engineers and the elite Royal Army Physical Training Corps

In the pursuit of excellence, the team strive to understand fitness from every angle holding degrees in Sport & Exercise Science and many vocational fitness qualifications

About DS Training & Fitness

DS Training and Fitness (DS Fitness) originally Devon School of Fitness was founded in 2020 with the knowledge and expertise of former British Forces elite soldiers and national level sportsmen who sought to create a platform of education that delivered trained and qualified the highest quality Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers across the UK. In addition to this it was also the aim to provide group classes, personal training and events led by the same high quality Trainers that had been trained by DS Fitness.

It was recognised that Devon had very few face to face professional fitness qualification training providers that also delivered quality group classes and bespoke one to one training and so created a pioneering concept combining all of the said elements under one roof. In other words a ‘School of Excellence’ for physical training and fitness within the UK.

With its motto “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” it truly plans to make a difference inspiring and educating the next breed of budding personal trainers and fitness instructors.


World-class sportsmanship

Wayne understands that there are no limits to what the mind and body can achieve. 

Over the past 30 years he has relentlessly pushed his physical capabilities in the pursuit of sporting excellence.

As a martial arts expert Wayne has achieved a 2nd degree Blackbelt in Karate and a 5th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and has competed in over 80 martial arts competitions in UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and USA .

His cabinet is creaking with a seemingly impossible 84 gold, silver and bronze medals majority being in the Middleweight Blackbelt division including South West Champion, Welsh open Champion, English Champion, Army champion, Inter-Services Champion and twice World Bronze medallist.  

In addition to all this he has even danced at the Strictly Come Dancing Live results show in 2018.

Academic gold standard

In the pursuit of excellence, Wayne strives to understand fitness from every angle. He holds a First Class degree in Sport & Exercise Science, plus PGCE & QTLS teaching certificates. 

He has further stretched his academic muscle with over 50 qualifications relating to general fitness training, health and nutrition, outdoor pursuits and military excellence. 

His approach

Wayne believes in the ethos “use it or lose it” “work hard play hard” “consistency is key” and that fitness, health and nutrition is a completely personal goal, therefore a different solution for every person is required. He ensures every client is approached with the individuality, respect and patience they deserve. It is important to understand what each person is trying to achieve and provide training plans and courses that understand their situation holistically. He takes a keen interest in improving fitness components, body composition, exercise adherence and long term lifestyle changes. Overall his goal is to allow people of all ages and levels , from beginners to elite sportsman, from children to older adults; to make lasting improvements, have an increased quality of life and most importantly provide them with the knowledge that allows them to have ownership of their long term health and wellbeing. He believes that good mental health, a healthy body and a physically fit and functional body work hand in hand.

“Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”