Wayne Sibthorpe

Personal Trainer – Sports Specialist – Martial Arts – Fitness Classes – Nutritional Advisor – Strength & Conditioning – Tutor – Assessor

Hi, I’m Wayne and I have a special interest in sport, fitness and health. As a fitness specialist and the head tutor/coach for DS Training & Fitness I will help you achieve your goals and ambitions whatever they may be.   I can train and motivate you to help you get to where you want to be. What I‘m most passionate about is making a difference to the quality of your life by increasing your energy levels, reducing stress and seeing your all round fitness and health improve .

I customise every session for the individual goals of each client, so whether you are a beginners or elite athlete; whether training to lose weight, gain weight, improve strength, power, speed, mobility; get ready for your first 5k, best effort lift in the gym, do your first pull up, prepare for your next competition or fight, join the Armed forces, get that next job or just to increase confidence and meet new friends; I will help you get to where you want to be.

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All round world-class

Wayne’s astonishing sporting, training and academic achievements have spanned over 30 years and have taken him all around the world. 

Military precision and dedication

From starting out as a county level footballer and a club level athlete in his teens and twenties, Wayne joined the Royal Engineers branch of the Army in 1984 transferring to the elite Royal Army Physical Training corps (RAPTC) in 1991.

During his long Army career of 37 years he served in UK, Belize, Germany, Falkland Islands, including operational tours in Kosovo and Iraq and achieved the highest non-commissioned rank of Warrant Officer Class 1. 

Wayne has crafted, coordinated, overseen fitness programs and delivered hands on fitness, outdoor pursuits and unarmed combat training for the Army, RAF, Navy and Royal Marines. He has an unrivalled reputation as an expert trainer which has led him to train foreign police forces, commando forces and special forces soldiers. He has also organised and led outdoor pursuit expeditions to UK, France, Germany, Austria, Falkland Islands and Canada. 

But it was Wayne’s unrelenting drive to explore physical fitness from every perspective that led to his remarkable contributions to British Army training. 

A contribution so great, he has won three Army awards for his expert contribution to training military personnel including a lifetime achievement award to Army Sport.

For the last 12 years he has been the lead Physical Trainer and Coach for recruiting and training the Reserve Army in the South West and Wales delivering physical training to thousands of civilians joining the Army Reserve under his own expertly crafted fitness programs. In addition to this he has trained and mentored hundreds of soldiers to qualify as Army Physical Training Instructors. Wayne’s superior fitness programs and methods have pushed the physical and mental capacities of all under his training to their limit.

World-class sportsmanship

Wayne understands that there are no limits to what the mind and body can achieve. 

Over the past 30 years he has relentlessly pushed his physical capabilities in the pursuit of sporting excellence.

As a martial arts expert Wayne has achieved a 2nd degree Blackbelt in Karate and a 5th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo and has competed in over 80 martial arts competitions in UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium and USA .

His cabinet is creaking with a seemingly impossible 84 gold, silver and bronze medals majority being in the Middleweight Blackbelt division including South West Champion, Welsh open Champion, English Champion, Army champion, Inter-Services Champion and twice World Bronze medallist.  

In addition to all this he has even danced at the Strictly Come Dancing Live results show in 2018.

Academic gold standard

In the pursuit of excellence, Wayne strives to understand fitness from every angle. He holds a First Class degree in Sport & Exercise Science, plus PGCE & QTLS teaching certificates. 

He has further stretched his academic muscle with over 50 qualifications relating to general fitness training, health and nutrition, outdoor pursuits and military excellence. 

His approach

Wayne believes in the ethos “use it or lose it” “work hard play hard” “consistency is key” and that fitness, health and nutrition is a completely personal goal, therefore a different solution for every person is required. He ensures every client is approached with the individuality, respect and patience they deserve. It is important to understand what each person is trying to achieve and provide training plans and courses that understand their situation holistically. He takes a keen interest in improving fitness components, body composition, exercise adherence and long term lifestyle changes. Overall his goal is to allow people of all ages and levels , from beginners to elite sportsman, from children to older adults; to make lasting improvements, have an increased quality of life and most importantly provide them with the knowledge that allows them to have ownership of their long term health and wellbeing. He believes that good mental health, a healthy body and a physically fit and functional body work hand in hand.

Gez Armstrong

Personal Trainer – Fitness Classes – Well-being Coach – Endurance Coach – Nutrition Advisor 

Hi, I m Gez I have a passion for fitness, many sports, nutrition and outdoor pursuits. I have extensive knowledge of team building and gaining the very best from people, whatever their goals are. A sports coach and fitness well-being specialist, with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of fitness concepts, I really take pride in helping others improve. My hobbies include road cycling, Rugby, Triathlon and at times can be seen running and cycling very long distances.

DEE Chambers

Massage Specialist

Hi, I’m Dee and I have a special interest in health and wellness as a massage specialist. I can help you be more productive and efficient in your work by improving concentration, reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels, but what I‘m most passionate about is making a difference to the quality of your life by reducing stress and alleviating pain. 

I customise every massage for the individual goals of each client, so whether you want to reduce tension headaches, alleviate pain or just relax I will ensure I develop a massage plan to help you achieve the results you desire!

Massage has made such a difference to my clients’ health and well-being.